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Church and Religious Institution Security

Church attendees want a positive, peaceful experience – not the feeling of having to submit to a background check. Because churches are open to all and intended as a place of fellowship, they present a very special security risk and demand a special, unobtrusive safety and security solution. If you are considering having a church surveillance system installed, several things need to be considered.

Any excellent security system begins with a well laid out plan. To begin, map out the specific security needs of your building, review all of the possible access points into and out of the church. You will also want to consider what types of activities will take place inside the church during the week.

Is there a church child care area that will need to be monitored? Is their a playground area that may need to be monitored? Are you concerned about vandalism? These are concerns that we will be addressed based on your specific location and ministry of your church.

Church SecurityOnce we have thoroughly assessed your church’s security needs, we’ll be ready to determine your equipment requirements for your new security surveillance system. The exact number and specific type of components will depend on your exact specifications.

Surveillance cameras – We will determine the type of camera needed and where the camera will be mounted based upon our security assesment. VidCom offers many different types of cameras required for outdoor use, covert use, low light installations, etc.

Software – Your software needs will vary based on how you wish to use your system and to whom you wish to grant access to. A software package is generally included with every camera VidCom provides.  Entry level or “included” software works well for a small-scale network. If you have more extensive needs like remote viewing, multi-site monitoring, or the need to integrate with other security components, you may need additional software or may need to move to different technology solution.

Recording device and monitors – Digital video recorders (DVR’s) allow you to capture images from your surveillance cameras and save them to your computer hard drive. DVR’s are the most cost effective solution to many situations and work well in most instances. Some facilities may need to migrate to an IP solution.  Monitors are devices that allow you to view the images captured from your surveillance cameras.

There are many issues to consider when designing and setting up a church security plan. However, the increased safety and peace of mind everyone will experience will make all your efforts worthwhile.