Library Security

video security and surveillance in educational facilitiesMany would have thought that with the proliferation of the internet and technology such as Kindle, library attendance would have gone by the wayside. Not so. Libraries are becoming meeting places and city centers as important as town halls.

Luckily for you, libraries have become a specialty of VidCom Solutions and we are well equipped to answer your security needs. We understand that the mission of your library security strategy is to protect the patrons, employees and collections of the library while creating a secure and peaceful environment to enhance the library’s educational experience.

Our systems are built to achieve your security objectives:

  • Monitor unsupervised areas
  • Eliminate risk of theft of personal property or library materials
  • Deal with transients and unaffiliated users
  • Avoid computer vandalism or “tinkering”
  • Maintain food and drink enforcement
  • Clear the building at closing time
  • Monitor property after hours

Some of the libraries VidCom and our products help protect;

  • Novi Public Library
  • Westland Public Library
  • Cadillac Wexford
  • Delta Township Library

Library Security Whitepaper