Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare securityAs healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide array of security threats. While industry guidelines mandate an increasing reliance on security under its “Environment of Care” standards, it is left to each individual hospital and healthcare organization to decide on the right tools to meet their needs.

VidCom Solutions proudly offers the industry’s most complete selection of security solutions to provide you the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our suite of security systems, keeping tabs from a centralized – or even remote – location is more efficient than ever.

We offer intelligent end-to-end solutions to cover every element of security in and around your facility. Whether you’re starting new construction, renovating facilities or upgrading an existing security system, VidCom can help you through the planning, design, installation and implementation of the system that’s right for you. Our sales team will work with you to identify your individual needs and the specific equipment to fit them, while staying within your working budget.

From watching patients, employees, and visitors, to securing and controlling parking lots, pharmacies, child care areas, and employee-only areas, VidCom Solutions has the solutions and experience you’re looking for.

Case studies and examples

As the healthcare industry has changed, so too has its use and deployment of security. Understanding this reality, Pelco recently hosted two seminars on healthcare security. Organized by Carole Dougan, Director of Strategic Accounts, Pelco invited security integrators and end users to learn more about the industry and how to meet its security demands. Following the seminar, Pelco Press sat down with Tony York, Senior Vice President, Security, for Hospital Shared Services, and Russell Colling, Healthcare Security Consultant, who led the sessions and discussed the role of security in the healthcare industry.