Commercial & Retail Properties

A comprehensive security system makes your business safer, stronger, more profitable.

Whether you’re in charge of risk management for a Fortune 1000 company or running a single location business, VidCom Solutions can develop a security solution that’s perfect for your needs. Any size business can benefit from our combinations of advanced security technology and smart business practices.

reducing retail employee theft with security video surveillanceAs an industry leader and innovator in the field of Video Surveillance, VidCom Solutions has helped many businesses in the restaurant, convenience store, jewelry and retail industries do a better job of protecting their employees and their profits. The value we provide extends beyond safety issues, to operational, merchandising, productivity and customer service enhancements.

Remote viewing capability

Our remote viewing solutions available from VidCom provide the ultimate solution for monitoring your business – from anywhere. Remote viewing options are the next best thing to being at your location in person. With available remote viewing software, VidCom Solutions can provide you with the ability to drag and drop camera views from multiple location to be viewed on a single screen. View the front door of 16 different buildings, all on one screen.

With security systems that use Internet technology along with integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, intrusion or fire detection and access control, VidCom Solutions, provides the solutions that help prevent theft, vandalism, accident and loss.

Case studies and examples

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