Industry Solutions

VidCom Solutions has the experience, engineering know-how and product lines to build your security network, no matter what your application. Our customers know that we will take the time to learn their requirements and that we will deliver a solution that meets their security needs. Let’s get started!


Government & Municipalities

VidCom’s competitive pricing structures for government agencies ensure that you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ve got the best product for the job at the best possible price. (read more)


Commercial & Retail

A comprehensive security system makes your business safer, stronger, and more profitable. Any size business can benefit from our combination of advanced security technology and smart business practices.(read more)


Campus & School Facilities

Across the country, school administrators and security teams are taking action to put necessary campus security measures in place. VidCom’s custom security solutions maximize your peace of mind and preparedness.(read more)


Religious Institutions

Churches are open to all and are intended as a place of fellowship but they require a very special security solution. Vidcom can deliver an unobtrusive safety and security system for your church or ministry location. (read more)


Hospitals & Healthcare

From watching patients, employees, and visitors, to securing and controlling parking lots, pharmacies, child care areas, and employee-only areas, VidCom has the solutions and experience you’re looking for. (read more)


Library Security

You need to protect the patrons, employees and collections of the library while creating a secure and peaceful environment. Vidcom has solutions to secure your library’s educational experience. (read more)

Church Security

We will work with your IT Staff, Facilities Managers and Church Safety Team to help empower your church’s ability to know what is occurring and who is visiting your property.

School Security

The landscape of K-12 safety is constantly changing. Vidcom provides access control, visitor management, surveillance and communication to maximize your peace of mind and preparedness.

Hotel Security

Protect your staff and guests with integrated security and access control. Business travelers and tourists expect and demand that they and their property are safe and protected.

Campus Security

Vidcom helps improve effectiveness of Campus Security teams to deal with incidents from everyday problems and vandalism to violent crime and natural disasters. Maximize your Deterrence–Detection–Response abilities.

Apartment Complex Security

Enable your property managers and safety staff to monitor outside grounds, parking lots, main office, commons and laundry rooms. Deal with safety situations quickly before serious problems develop.

Office Building Security

Minimize the risk of property damage, theft and personal injury with an integrated security system. We will enable your building security strategy to deter, detect and delay the threats

Casino Security

Vidcom provides improved visibility of high value assets, increased employee productivity,
and highest VIP customer satisfaction. You will have complete protection of gaming floor, operations and hospitality areas.