Video Surveillance Systems

We make IP Video and analog CCTV surveillance simple

A full range of closed circuit and networked IP video surveillance systems and service is available from VidCom Solutions. VidCom Solutions is the leading security system integrator in lower Michigan.  Our extensive experience includes solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments (Commercial & Retail Properties, Government & Municipalities, Healthcare, Libraries, Religious Institutions) as well as specific video monitoring solutions for specific situations.

Digital video is the ideal solution for remote monitoring of multiple locations and for remote recording of data onto back-up servers and hard disks for long-term storage.

An IP-based video surveillance system can be designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network environments. With more special features and integration versatility, IP-video delivers powerful and streamlined operation performance as well as enhanced management efficiency.

IP Video offers some distinct advantages:

  • Remote or shared viewing may be done over the Internet or a wireless connection
  • IP-based recording means instant transmittal of images anywhere in the world
  • Can monitor multiple cameras from one remote location
  • No decrease in recording quality over time or with repeated replays
  • Digital picture quality far superior to analog
  • IP-base recording is highly compressed for easier storage and can be transported over a variety of media
  • Digital images can be encrypted for security purposes
  • IP surveillance cameras may be added individually or in groups according to your needs

Analog video advantages:

  • Can replace existing equipment cost effectively
  • Remote viewing from within the network
  • Integrates with existing legacy equipment
  • High resolution images
  • Cost effective recorded media storage
  • Cost effective installation


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