Intrusion Alarm Systems

Did you know — Businesses without security systems are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than businesses that have an intrusion alarm system.

Other security systems such as video surveillance and access control, also significantly increase your security and reduce risk. Protect your people, property and assets with an integrated security alarm system from VidCom Solutions.

We design systems that fit the specific needs of your business. We offer a variety of security products and sensors. These include door and window sensors, infrared motion sensors, glass break sensors, hold-up and duress notification, as well as fire detection devices.

Alarm System Monitoring

Monitored Intrusion Alarm Systems send alarm signals to an alarm monitoring center (also known as central monitoring station).  Alarm monitoring professionals take action to contact law enforcement and emergency contacts for your property.  Alarms can be verified remotely with live security camera video — video  viewable using your smartphone, tablet or email.

Alarm systems typically transmit the alarm signals through supervised IP network connections. Alarm systems signals communication can use cellular communications as a backup to network communications.  Alternatively, the system’s optional cellular alarm communications module  can be the exclusive method of  transmitting the alarm signals.

Advanced Alarm System Capabilities

An Intrusion Alarm System supports multiple functions that monitor and send alarm signals for other conditions.  These include fire sprinkler system activation, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, water detection, loss of commercial power, temperature alarms, commercial freezers and refrigerators.

The alarm system is operated from Keypads typically located at main building entrances. Besides arming/disarming of the alarm system, the keypads also display the specific alarm sensor devices and “zone” status information.  After an alarm, the keypads display which device or protection zone that detected an alarm condition or event.

Today’s intrusion alarm systems are able to be configured for independent control of different building areas. For instance, the alarm control for an office & warehouse; office & manufacturing area; computer rooms, IT closets, MDF and IDF rooms are some examples.

These security areas can be controlled from independent keypads.  In addition, users with the required authority level have control over multiple areas, potentially from a single keypad location

Hybrid Alarm System Video & Door Control

Certain models of alarm system control panels from VidCom Solutions have advanced capability for expansion/integration with access control and video surveillance systems. These security integrations can be part of the initial system installation or added to the system at a future date.

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