Access Control

Access ControlSimply defined, an access control system allows total control over access to your facility or to spaces within your building.

If a building or a room is equipped with a door, the system allows or denies access. If you want to grant access to one room, to one person on every third Monday between 6:00 a.m. and 6:05 a.m. — We can do that.

In every system, we apply specific operational functions meeting the door’s unique operational requirements. Access to any physical openings (doors, elevators, gates, secure storage containers & lockers) can be controlled for entry and when applicable exiting of the secured area.

We install flexible and economical security management solutions that address your current security operations as well as demands of the future. Our engineers apply the modular design of our systems to provide easier system expansion when needed.

System Capabilities

Features of our access control systems include:

  • Access Groups / Levels
  • Programmable Time Schedules
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Distributed System Intelligent Network
  • Programmable Duress Alarms (local and system-wide)
  • Scheduled Lock / Unlock
  • Programmable Temporary Cards
  • Security ID Badging & Visitor Access Management
  • Unlimited Holiday Schedules  / Special Event Days
  • Supports Standard Access Cards, Biometrics, SMART cards

System Scalability

Our scalable systems address security control needs from a single door, to multi-door systems, and expand to a fully integrated security management system encompassing multiple buildings and physical security systems.

Our engineers and software developers optimize our innovative hardware taking full advantage of interacting with today’s typical and advanced physical hardware providing precision control in any situation.

System capabilities include integration with CCTV video surveillance systems, intercom systems, and more. Our system engineering team apply  the system to fit your exact needs.

Contact us today to discuss your access control needs and learn why we’re Michigan’s leading security and access control integrator.

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